Entire families of parts can be fed with the same system without mechanical retooling


Superior and costant performances, no failures, even with burrs and dimensional variations


A suitable answer to the current manufacturing needs, even with frequent product changeovers and reduced volumes.

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FlexiBowl®: A Flexible Part Feeding System


FlexiBowl® is an innovative device to feed bulk components.
It does not work with vibration, but through the combined actuation of servomotor and impulse generator. Once bulk components lie on feeder surface with the right orientation, the vision system can locate them and send coordinates to the robot for pick up.

FlexiBowl® is capable of feeding entire families of parts and does not require any retooling cost for product changeovers: product changes can be made in a matter of seconds without any trouble.

FlexiBowl®: An Efficient and Reliable Solution

FlexiBowl® is highly versatile and suitable to feed a wide variety of parts, regardless of:


  • Geometry (cylindrical, complex 3D shape)
  • Surface (smooth, sticky, tangled, etc.)
  • Material (delicate, fragile, rubber and silicone)
  • Weight and Dimensions (metal moulded and sheared parts)


Several comparison studies have proven FlexiBowl® to be suitable to feed parts in a more uniform, continuous and efficient way. Parts can be fed in continuos movement, i.e. circular tracking.


FlexiBowl® works efficiently and without failures even with parts showing burrs or size variations.


Our technical office is at disposal to run preliminary tests to verify performances, quickly and unexpensively, to avoid project risks. We also provide Remote Control & Support via the Web.

FlexiBowl®: The Ideal Solution For The Current Manufacturing Needs

Integrators who manufacture assembly automation and OEM’s who need equipment to manufacture assemblies are faced with a very large challenge of how to get the parts into the assembly machines for the assembly process, minimize worcell requirements, and keep costs down. Whether there is a need to increase productivity, reduce costs or add product variants, flexible part feeding systems are well suited to improve applications that have complex parts and sustain frequent part changes (Source: Fanuc. Benefits of Flexible Part Feeding in Industrial Robotics).


The Benefits of Flexible Part Feeding Over Traditional Part Feeding Methods like vibratory bowl feeders:

Vibratory bowl feeders & Flexible feeding system


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