Flexibowl®-New Distributor: Air-Oil Systems

   We are pleased to announce our new distributor: Air-Oil Systems, Inc.        Yesterday… Air-Oil Systems, was founded by Robert P. Hicks in 1964, as a manufacturer’s representative of SP Manufacturing’s Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders and Boosters. Robert’s plan to grow a successful distribution business was to represent a limited number of complementary […]

Flexible Part Feeding Systems: The Benefits

Market evolution has always been influenced by choices made with regard to flexibility, unit production cost and productivity. In the middle of the 1960s, market competition became increasingly intense, and production cost was the chief concern. High volumes of individual products were sold to the “mass market,” enabling a policy emphasizing economy of scale and […]

Benefits of Flexible Part Feeding – Fanuc

    Integrators who manufacture assembly automation and OEM’s who need equipment to manufacture assemblies are faced with a very large challenge of how to get the parts into the assembly machines for the assembly process, minimize workcell requirements, and keep costs down. Whether there is a need to increase productivity, reduce costs or add […]