Flexible Feeding System

From mechanics to excellent automation to produce more, a lot more quickly and flexibly.

Keep up with the changing demand and guarantee high productivity, the ability to evolve production and the power to integrate with existing technology. Where should you begin?

FlexiBowl is innovative automation in parts feeding systems.

Its precise and reliable technology fine-tuned through years of experience feeds components in production systems without damaging them. Precision, high speed and the ability to evolve are only a few of FlexiBowl’s characteristics, especially compared to those of other systems.

FlexiBowl can be delivered quickly all over the world. Its deployment is extremely flexible, as it can easily be integrated into production chains in various types of industries, that it already serves worldwide.

FlexiBowl is compatible with all brands of robots.

Free plugins are available to allow FlexiBowl to communicate with nearly all industrial robots, cobots, and PLCs.

It is available in five customizable models to choose from without any doubts thanks to a free and accurate feasibility test.

It can process large amounts of components with precision and handle different shapes and sizes.

With its intuitive and user-friendly software, FlexiBowl is easy to program and offers a great deal of autonomy to the operator, who can interact with the system in complete safety.

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