Linear Feeders

Linear feeders work in conjunction with bowl feeders in as they deal to get the components already divided to the correct destination point, without losing the continuity of production.

In this way you do not lose the impetus received from the pieces and they ease the collection: vibratory linear feeders, as well as vibratory bowl feeders are an important tool for those manufacturers who need a practical and safe solution for material handling. Several fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical and clinical material handling, but also toys or food industry, are dependent on a flexible assembly systems that ensure reliability and quality control throughout the production process.

Linear feeders are particularly suitable for the correct transport of small parts of any kind, have a low noise level and require a reduced number of human controls.


Simililarly to Flexibowl, they work together with the bowl feeders:  linear  feeders convey oriented components from a bowl feeder  to a storage, working in a longer distances; they could reach 2 metres long but they could also vary in terms of size, capacity and drive mechanisms: linera feeders provide a wide range of solutions even on considerable distances.

Linear feeders are really important for industries, because of the huge variety of industrial materials that each manufacturer have to handle day by day: they go beyond traditional conveyors: they are more efficient and highly controllable.

Moreover, vibratory linear feeders  handle a huge variety of products, from the smallest medical components  or the smallest diamonds, to large packaging parts.  Their main feature is that linear feeders can be projected in a wide range of size and shapes.

Linear feeders are quite easy even to clean: minimal maintenance is required .