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Switches, electrical actuators, connectors, electrical and electromechanical components, engine and suspension parts, etc.


FlexiBowl® perfectly suits assembly process: using two feeders with a fast Robot like the Fanuc LRMate shown in the video above, high performances can be achieved. Parts are always available for the robot pick-up.

The application has been realized to feed,  insert and position small automotive parts like nuts and screws from arc welding process of an automotive Tier 1 customer.

Even parts with a complex geometry can be fed with FlexiBowl®. Brake disk springs frequently change geometry and dimension: different parts can be fed in the same system avoiding mechanical retooling.

The application shows an Adept Omron Viper handling parts of various dimensions. FlexiBowl® can be equipped with different surfaces according to the process needs, to the parts and to the environment.



Plastic moulding – Loading of metal inserts

A large variety of car components are produced today with plastic moulding techniques where the moulded product includes some metal parts. The following video refers to a feasibility study to load different metal sheared components into the moulding press. It was related to the production of safety belts.

FlexiBowl® system fully meets the requirements of flexibility and reliability for this application. FlexiBowl® is capable to present parts to the robot and vision system in a very uniform and continuous way and avoid all malfunctions, due to size variations and burrs, that cause many problems on  traditional parts feeding systems. FlexiBowl® can work very reliably even on harsh environments, thanks to the simple construction. The system is currently working successfully on many similar applications and is often required by companies who produce plastics parts, rubber parts and foam parts for the automotive industry and are a looking for a Flexible feeding system work ing in accordance with robot and vision systems.



Flexible Feeding of membranes for the automotive industry

FlexiBowl® is also able to feed wide ranges of components such as membranes, rubber discs and other similar components with un-regular shape and surfaces with high adherence. This type of components are difficult to be fed with traditional assembly systems or vibratory bowl feeders: the risk of jamming of the membranes would be much higher and therefore the margin of error in the work.

Membranes and rubber discs of this type are present in the automotive field but also on medical, electrical  and electromechanical components.. FlexiBowl® provides an efficient and reliable operation without any kind of jam and is currently being applied successfully in a large number of cases similar to the one shown in the video.



Metal components loading in assembly machine

Here is another example of flexible feeding of metal parts on plastic moulding processes using  the flexible feeding system FlexiBowl®.

The co-molding of plastics is a widespread technology for the production of components for cars,  electronics, civil and industrial electromechanical. This video refers to a study for the loading of metal components splicing. The automation system provides the power of a family of parts variables for the sizes and geometry.

Thanks to its flexibility, FlexiBowl® is able to present components to the robot and to the vision system in a uniform and continuous way, without any problem of malfunction, typical of vibratory bowl feeders, especially in the presence of burrs and dimensional variations of the pieces themselves. The construction of the system is very robust and able to operate in harsh industrial environments: it fully meets the requirements of flexibility and reliability.