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Mascara, lipsticks, powder compacts, brushes, perfumes.


Flexible Feeding of Mascara Brushes on a filling and capping machine

The following video refere to feasibility tests to feed mascara brushes on a filling and capping machine. The throughput can vary according to the system configuration (FlexiBowl® size, machine layout, robot size, etc.): FlexiBowl® can be easily integrated even in high speed production and assembly lines.

The FlexiBowl® system is perfectly suitable to feed delicate parts, and object with cilindrical geometry like parts shown in the video. Different shapes and sizes don’t require any retooling. New part teaching and products changes can be made in a matter of minutes.

The second video shows an highly performant flexible system: the configuration made of two feeders and one robot allows to achieve very high throughput (average cycle time 90ppm). When the first feeder is rotating, the second presents parts for the robot pick-up. This configuration can be used also for assembly tasks.



Feeding mascara and eye shadow brushes on assembly machine

Cosmetic brushes are quite difficult to feed on assembly machines since parts tangle together and the geometry is changing very often. The whole machine needs also to be compliant with hygienic requirements. Traditional part feeding solutions aren’t suitable to handle the variety of parts and even when applied, they show very low efficiency.

FlexiBowl® has been integrated succesfully on severall applications. Also accurate tests are proving that FlexiBowl® is currently the most efficient and versatile solution. On the following video a FlexiBowl® solution was tested with different brushes. The perfect syncronisation with the hopper and very uniform distribution of parts on the feeder surface granted a very uniform and efficient performance.

 Some references:


Complex geometry cosmetic parts feeding and assembly – Cilindrical parts

Cosmetic parts have high quality standard and they need to be gently handled to avoid scratches and other defects. Traditional solutions like vibratory bowl feeders can affect product quality. Moreover low volumes and frequent product changes make today very difficult to justify economically traditional solutions like in the past.

The following test shows the possibility to feed several different parts with the same flexible feeding solution. Even with tangled parts and different geometries the system works efficiently and reliably. Product changeover can be made in a matter of minutes. The FlexiBowl® system is currently running succesfully on such applications.