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Switches, connectors, fuse holders, electromagnetic components, coils, etc..




Handling parts of industrial electrical connectors

The following video referes to a feasibility study to handle parts of industrial electrical connectors. The application foresees the handling of a range of products with different sizes and gometries. The start/stop signal to the hopper is directly controlled by the vision system, according to the quantity of parts that are already present on the feeder surface. This allows to achieve an optimal part distribution and therefore a better efficiency for the whole feeding system. FlexiBowl® includes an internal infrared backlight that allows to detect part geometry very precisely. FlexiBowl® can be easily integrated with any robot and vision system.



Assembling electrical microconnectors with Flexibowl

FlexiBowl® is very suitable to handle even tiny parts, like the pins shown on the following video. A simple mechanical construction makes the system very reliable and efficient. The infrared backlight allows to locate tiny parts very accurately. An Adept Cobra i600 and ACE AdeptSight vision system was used for the tests.

Moreover FlexiBowl is widely used to feed switches, connectors, fuse blocks, electromagnetic components, coils, etc.