presentation flexibowl®: A&T SHOW – Torino 2019

A&T Show – Turin 2019

At A&T Show in Turin, Oval Lingotto(13-15/02/2019), ARS will present a flexible feeding System demo which includes Flexibowl® device, FlexiVision robot guidance and scara g6 Epson robot. This System can operate with a speed up to 70 cycles per minute.

We will also introduce CompaCT, a CT cone-bean tomography for metrological applications.



This system, entirely developed by ARS, garantees high levels of measurement on small plastic and metal parts with an accuracy  of 5 micron. Among its features: reverse engineering, inclusions detection and density variations.


Next Fairs 2019 to which we will participate:

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–>SPS: Fair to Parma on March 28/30  






–>MOTEK: Fair to Stuttgart on October 7/10