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ARS Automation experts engaged in research and development, diligently working at their computers to innovate in the field of flexible feeding system.


Every day for more than 35 years, our experts and young innovators have been helping integrators, machine manufacturers and distributors of robots all over the world to find efficient automated solutions to improve and speed up production, without wastage. Thanks to FlexiBowl®, a flexible feeding system, we provide enhanced capabilities in component feeding.


Our technicians and researchers design for efficient, optimal integration with industrial robots and cobots.

We aim to bring businesses evolved solutions that deliver continuity, but mainly competitiveness and the freedom to transform production lines.

This photo depicts the headquarters of Ars Automation, the company that designs and manufactures FlexiBowl, the flexible feeding system as an alternative to vibratory bowls
Image depicting a cell equipped with a FlexiBowl system for the flexible feeding of components. FlexiBowl is an effective Flexible feeding system.

We design and develop improvement technologies in the fields of flexible product feeding, industrial robotics and machine vision. We have already installed more than 2000 FlexiBowl units and over 1000 vision systems in a variety of production domains that use industrial robots or cobots.

Our headquarters are situated in Arezzo, Italy, and we boast a comprehensive network of distributors and installers spanning over 40 countries.

Map displaying the locations of distributors for FlexiBowl, the flexible parts feeder, worldwide

Our launch onto the robotics market

ARS is founded as the only Italian branch of a Silicon Valley robotics company

First flexible feeding and vision systems



ARS becomes an independent company and distributor of robot products in the Mediterranean region

Birth of FlexiBowl®, the flexible feeding system for automated production systems that use robotics

Product is granted an international patent and the FlexiBowl® trademark is registered

FlexiBowl® is distributed globally

FlexiVision is born. First 5 authorized FlexiBowl® distributors in the world

New headquarters and new products

FlexiBowl® distributed in more than 40 countries globally

New FlexiBowl®features introduced; sales top 2,000 units

ARS s.r.l.

Via G. Vico, 7
52100 Arezzo
Tel: +39 0575 398611
VAT no. IT 01739760518


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