FlexiBowl® is the flexible feeder that orients and separates parts by exploiting the movements of a rotating plate actuated by a servomotor and a pulse generator.

It can feed products of any geometry, surface and material. It is compatible with all industrial robots and vision systems.

One FlexiBowl® can feed entire ranges of parts measuring between 1-250 mm and 1-250 g, replacing the need for numerous units as in conventional systems.

FlexiBowl® is available in 5 models.

Choosing the right model

Make the right choice according to:

  • Expected productivity;
  • Required orientation of the components that are going to be fed;
  • How parts should be set down;
  • Overall dimensions and available space;
  • Interactions with other features on the production line;
  • Reference standards and regulations;
  • Characteristics of the production setting

Analysis and free test

The best solution is the one that meets the requirements of the production line. For years, our project office has helped distributors, machine manufacturers and integrators all over the world select the right FlexiBowl®.

We provide a free test so you can see how the system works with the parts it actually has to handle, and we help you identify the right model and optional accessories. The free test is practical guidance to help you make the right choice for the most competitive solution.




Ideal for 1-10mm components



Ideal for 1-20mm components



Ideal for 5-50mm components



Ideal for 5-50mm components



Ideal for 20-110mm components



Ideal for 60-250 components


Operating Modes

Traditional, FlexiTrack or Multiple Parts Feeding.


flexible feeding

FlexiBowl® is the only system that has a circular sequence consisting of feeding, rotation, jogging and pick-up. These actions are performed in parallel to prevent stalling, but also to achieve fantastic benefits in terms of efficiency. Perfect for extreme picking precision.


Concept Flexibowl 2021 doppia telecamera_test

The motor and the flip mechanism work continuously to rotate the disc constantly and smoothly. Greater productivity is achieved with a touch less precision. Perfect for parts with simple geometries.

Multiple Parts Feeding

Assieme FB500+HOPPER5L+CAMERA Concept

Handles up to 6 types of parts simultaneously. Minimizes layout and production costs in processes that use several parts simultaneously.



This option is certified for use in ISO 5 Cleanrooms according to ISO 14644-1, while retaining all the FlexiBowl® features.


Pulse speed, acceleration and frequency are easy to modify. Optimal separation can be achieved for each part enabling frequent production changeovers. Electronic and mechanical systems work together programming and reprogramming of the software.


Higher speed rate means better productivity. FlexiBowl® is often the choice when it comes to fulfilling significantly large orders, because of the extraordinary quantity of parts it processes.

Easy to use

No special technical training needed for programming. Operators can handle the system autonomously right from the first use. FlexiBowl® is perfect for frequent production changeovers taking just a few seconds, with no need for long mechanical retooling.

Easy to reprogram

FlexiBowl® can be reprogrammed and made even more powerful with further options for any transformation the production line has to undergo to meet market needs. The parameters of FlexiBowl® are extremely easy to modify.


FlexiBowl® is compatible with all cobots and industrial robots that support the Ethernet (TCP/IP, UDP/IP), Ethernet/IP, digital I/O protocols. Plug-ins are available for communication with robots.


FlexiBowl® can be deployed on production lines in numerous industries. Its range of options is designed to offer customization and perfect integration: dispersion and deflection systems, cleanroom version, FDA-compliant and anti-static surfaces, and much more besides.

Reduced wastage

FlexiBowl® allows parts to be fed without damaging them: the quality of the action exceeds that of traditional solutions. Parts are handled with greater precision and care. No parts wasted and increased productivity.

Self-reliant but never alone

We provide support at all stages: from the choice of system, to shipping, set up, start up and during operation and changeovers. Routine maintenance is drastically reduced compared to traditional technologies. Our goal is for you to feel self-reliant but never alone.


We can help you choose the best options for your components


Available in IR, red or white



Available in IR, red or white



Moves the tiniest components away from the edge


Standard diverter

Redirects the components from the edge


Brush diverter

Redirects the components from the edge


Wedge diverter

Components deviation system consisting of a wedge located between the steel surface and the rotary disc


Quick emptying

For fast product changeovers (FlexiBowl® 500, 650 & 800)

Quick emptying1_sito

Custom grooved disc

Design upon request

dischi alimentazione industriale

Multiple parts feeding

Simultaneous feeding of different components


Round edged disc

The Rotary Disc is available in various colours, textures, degrees of surface adhesion for FlexiBowl® 200, 350 & 500E

Round Edge Disc for automation feedeng system

Rotary disc

The Rotary Disc is available in various colours, textures, degrees of surface adhesion for FlexiBowl® 500, 650 & 800


Cleanroom version

Pre-installed bundle for compatibility with Cleanroom class ISO 5. Available for FlexiBowl® 500, 650, and 800

Calibration Plate

Specific calibration plate tailored on the FlexiBowl® vision area, allows you to reach the maximum accuracy and repeatability

Calibration Plate


Enables the circular conveyor tracking of the FlexiBowl®


Remote Control Box

Separate electrical cabinet to remote the internal electronic parts of the FlexiBowl®

Remote Control Box

FlexiBowl® IP40

Pre-installed kit to increase FlexiBowl® degree of protection up to IP 40