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Request a Free Test to Optimize Component Handling and Sorting in Your Production Process with the Vision-guided Parts Feeding System

Request a free test to optimize your handling and sorting of components in your production process with our vision-guided parts feeding system. FlexiBowl® offers many customization options for all types of parts, components, and production line parameters.

Our project office will take the information you provide and create a configuration proposal tailored to the parts you want to process. ARS experts will conduct this test for free.

Moreover, you'll receive a video simulation that features your parts, along with our report. Expect a response from us within two weeks. Finally, we'll provide useful information like the best number of pieces to pick up in each cycle and the anticipated handling time.

Send us real parts and components to help us give you more accurate parameters specific to your system. If you don't want to send them, we'll base our proposal on parts with similar shapes and forms.

Viability Test Document: fill out the form for each product type.
Results will be delivered within 2 weeks from the material and complete information acknowledgement.

More Information about the Feasibility Test

Are you curious about whether our flexible feeder, known as Flexibowl®, can handle your products? We will conduct the feasibility tests in our state-of-the-art testing laboratory. Specifically, to conduct the test, we will use the Flexibowl® model and the options that best align with the unique characteristics of your components.

Flexibowl® is a Vision-guided Parts Feeding System that offers advanced solutions to separate and orient components for a wide variety of industries.

Want to explore further? To learn more about the models and options available click here. Moreover, our team has extensive experience in handling diverse product types across various industries. To discover more about our innovative and flexible product solution, we invite you to follow us on YouTube.