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The Working Principle

FlexiBowl® allows the orientation and separation of components, by the combined movements of a servomotor and an impulse generator.

The FlexiBowl® system is highly versatile and able to feed objects of any:

- Geometry
- Surface
- Material

This is possible thanks to the vast choice of rotary discs, available in multiple colours, textures, resistances and degrees of surface adhesion.

The working principle is very simple and straightforward: the bulk feeder releases and lets the parts fall onto the FlexiBowl® surface and they are effectively separated by the combination of bidirectional rotation and the impulse generator. Once the parts are singulated, the camera recognises them and sends the coordinates to the robot for the pick-up.

The set of instructions allows changing the speed parameters, the acceleration and the impulse frequency according to the parts’ geometry, to achieve an optimal result.

  • High Performance (over 80 ppm)
  • 7 Kg Max Payload
  • Reliable and Lean Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Intuitive Programming
  • Works in Extreme Environments
  • Ready to ship
  • Suitable for Tangly and Sticky Parts

All the electronics and the optional backlight system are integrated. FlexiBowl® is paired with a vibrating bulk feeder and an optional, motorized hopper - both part of the system - so to achieve the necessary operating autonomy.

The communication with the robot controller and vision system is achieved by sending simple commands through the available communications ports: Ethernet (TCP/IP, UDP/IP), Ethernet/IP, digital I/O.