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FlexiBowl: A fully compatible parts feeding system designed for easy integration with KUKA Robots

Flexibowl is a fully KUKA Robots-Compatible Parts Feeding System.

This Plug-in was developed to communicate with FlexiBowl® in a simple and reliable way through KUKA robots, using instructions in KRL language.

Through the application of our Plug-In Technology, we have achieved easy integration between KUKA Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeders, resulting in the maximization of parts feeding rates. This flexi-feeding system brings high precision in pick-and-place and assembly operations, reflecting meticulous control and efficacy. The engineering of the parts feeding system is tailored to handle a wide spectrum of parts, testifying to its versatility and adaptability in handling diverse shapes and materials.

kuka robots flexible parts feeding

Plug-In Enables Simple Integration
of KUKA Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeder

  • FlexiBowl® is compatible with the entire range of KUKA robots.
  • Possibility to fully manage the FlexiBowl® from the robot controller.
  • The KRL script allows to control all the FlexiBowl® functions, through commands in TCP/IP or UDP, making it fully integrated device.
  • Possibility to control multiple FlexiBowl® simultaneously.
  • PC is not required.

Request the KUKA Plug-in directly by sending us an email at info@flexibowl.com 

  •  Compatible with every model of FlexiBowl®.