Feeding sustainable disposable cutlery

Addressing the challenge of handling large-sized items prone to overlap, This system ensures precise positioning and reliable performance.

Feeding solution for a filling machine

Facing the challenge of handling transparent product items difficult to detect, this system achieves a rate of 90 products per minute.

Feeding hydraulic parts to a press 

Designed for a compact layout, the system efficiently managed up to 20 different components of varying shape and material.

Feeding ten metal parts at once

The system handles ten different metal parts simultaneously, allows a fast switch to another ten, reaching twenty in total, all within a compact layout.

Feeding heavy metal brackets

Facing the challenge of managing heavy and large-sized parts, this feeding solution maintains a compact layout and creates a safe collaborative environment.

Feeding solution for a capping machine

Facing the challenge of feeding delicate mascara brushes prone to overlapping, this solution, enhanced the capping machine's loading process with FlexiBowl®.

Electroplating automation with flexible feeding solutions

Addressing the complexity of accurately positioning small and delicate parts for electroplating, this system combines robotic precision with advanced sensor technology to enhance productivity and reduce manual labor.

Streamlining Hydraulic Assembly with Flexible Feeding System

This system can handle six different plastic hydraulic components on a single production line. The system uses FlexiBowl® feeder models 500 and 650, which are fed by a motorized hopper to ensure maximum operational autonomy.

Parts Feeding in Injection Molding Piece Assembly

This case study showcases Auray Plast's strategic automation of their injection molding piece assembly line, improving the workflow and safety with the integration of the FlexiBowl® 800 and Fanuc robots. The system centralized all the operations into one efficient line.

Automated Feeding System for Multi-Parts Battery Assembly

How to feed eight different smartphone battery parts on the same production line, while maintaining high quality and a fast time to market.

How to improve COVID-19 tests Assembly Process

The integration of a flexible system designed to handle complex components with precision, boosting efficiency with a high throughput of 35 parts per minute.

Streamlining Laser Marking Operations for Complex and Delicate Parts

FlexiBowl® 650, combined with a precision-driven conveyor hopper, streamlined the handling of various components. This setup enabled precise pick-and-place operations, culminating in high-precision laser marking.