Flexible Feeding in Medical Manufacturing: Streamlining COVID-19 Test Assembly

Case study:  the integration of a flexible system designed to handle complex components with precision, boosting efficiency with a high throughput of 35 parts per minute

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Dynamic Automation & Robotics is a custom automation integrator that is focused on customer satisfaction, service and support. The company all-inclusive project management style allows its customers to play a major role in engineering decisions throughout the life cycle of the project. Every machine comes with a custom operations manual including a preventative maintenance schedule. They offer short and long term service agreements and have decades of experience servicing their clients needs worldwide.

The Challenge

Dynamic Automation: COVID-19 Tests Assembly System
COVID-19 Swab Assembly System
  1. Implement an optimized flexible automation system for the assembly of COVID-19 diagnostic tests .
  2. Feed three different products on a single line, optimizing the production layout.
  3. Handle non-rigid materials and parts that are difficult to orient and detect.
  4. Provide a smooth part changeover transition.

The Solution

Dynamic Automation: COVID-19 Test Assembly Automation
FlexiBowl 800 System
  1. Integration of a flexible feeding system FlexiBowl® 800 , equipped with quick emptying for rapid production changeover.
  2. Use of the Epson vision system for precise part identification.
  3. Deployment of two Epson robots for picking and loading parts onto an external swivel unit.
  4. Inclusion of a high-speed airveyor system for efficient part transfer.

The Benefit

Dynamic Automation: COVID-19 Swab Assembly System
COVID-19 Test Assembly Automation
  1. Greater flexibility and adaptability in the production system.
  2. Achievement of a compact and optimized layout.
  3. Improvement in production quality by automatically feeding non-rigid products that are difficult to orient and detect.
  4. Enhancement of the production process, with a feed rate of 35 parts per minute.
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The case study focuses on Dynamic Automation's innovative approach to addressing the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Faced with the need for precise handling of complex products, Dynamic Automation implemented a flexible automatic system. This system was designed to enhance the assembly process for COVID-19 diagnostic tests, managing three distinct products within one efficient system.

A critical aspect of the project was the integration of a FlexiBowl® 800 system, which separates and pre-orients parts. Subsequently, an Epson vision system identifies each part, and two Epson robots are employed for precise picking and loading. The FlexiBowl® system allows for handling multiple product types on a single line while maintaining a compact and efficient layout, crucial for rapid changeovers and meeting dynamic market demands.