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The vision software package for robot guidance optionally supplied with FlexiBowl® systems

What is FlexiVision?

FlexiVision is a PC vision software for robot guidance that can be optionally supplied with FlexiBowl® systems.
FlexiVision, which is developed on Cognex vision library, supports multiple cameras and offers a great flexibility.
The system is compatible with a large variety of industrial robots and it permits a quick development of FlexiBowl® feeding cells: no advanced programming competences are needed.

The main features offered by the system include:

  • Dynamic control of all FlexiBowl® functionalities (acceleration, speed, angle, flip)
  • Bulk feeder hystogram control
  • Robot and camera calibration
  • Vision models of the parts
  • Coordinates to robot
  • Robot Pick&Place sequences
  • Robot communication control
  • Receipt Management
  • Geometry and pattern matching
FlexiVision Logo
Flexivision camera

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