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Doosan Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeding System plug-in

This Plug-in was developed to communicate with FlexiBowl® in a simple and reliable way through Doosan robots, using instructions in Python language.

Our advanced Plug-In Technology makes communication between Doosan Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeders seamless, ensuring efficient parts feeding rates. This smart integration elevates pick-and-place and assembly applications to new levels. The flexible parts feeding system has the ability to separate and orient a wide variety of components, including small and fragile parts, large and heavy parts, and parts with complex shapes.

Fleixbowl is Flexibowl is a fully Doosam Robots-Compatible Parts Feeding System.

Plug-In Enables Simple Integration
of Doosan Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeder

  • FlexiBowl® is compatible with the entire range of Doosan robots.
  • Possibility to fully manage the FlexiBowl® from the robot controller.
  • The Python script allows to control all the FlexiBowl® functions, through commands in TCP/IP or UDP, making it fully integrated device.
  • Possibility to control multiple FlexiBowl® simultaneously.
  • PC is not required.

Request the Doosan Plug-in directly by sending us an email at

  •  Compatible with every model of FlexiBowl®.

Doosan Robots-Compatible Parts Feeding System

Flexibowl, fully compatible with Doosan Robots, is a parts feeding system you can find on the Doosan Mate Page along with all of Doosan's partners. This inclusion helps you discover ways to automate your lines easily with Doosan’s collaborative robots