Fanuc Plug-In

FANUC Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeding System plug-in

Flexibowl is a fully FANUC Robots-Compatible Parts Feeding System.

We developed this Plug-in to communicate with FlexiBowl® simply and reliably through FANUC robots, using instructions in the KAREL language.

Our cutting-edge Plug-In Technology enables effortless interaction between FANUC Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeders, guaranteeing optimal parts feeding rates. This innovation elevates pick-and-place and assembly processes to new efficiency and precision levels. We designed the flexi-parts feeding system to handle components of various sizes and complexities efficiently, ranging from delicate and small parts to weighty items, even including those with complex shapes.

Fanuc robots feeding parts system

Plug-In Enables Simple Integration of FANUC Robots and FlexiBowl Parts Feeder

  • FlexiBowl® is compatible with the entire range of FANUC robots.
  • Possibility to fully manage the FlexiBowl® from the robot controller.
  •  The KAREL script allows to control all the FlexiBowl® functions, through commands in TCP/IP or UDP, making it fully integrated device.
  • Possibility to control multiple FlexiBowl® simultaneously.
  • PC is not required.

Request the FANUC Plug-in directly by sending us an email at 

  • Compatible with every model of FlexiBowl®.


Flexibowl is a partner product of FANUC. Discover how FlexiBowl and FANUC allow cost-effective and efficient production processes in many industries.