Mascara brush assembly machine

Brushes are quite a difficult product to feed toassembly machines for a number of reasons: the products change very often and they are prone to tangle together.

Traditional part feeding solutions or vibratory Bowl Feeders don't meet the requirement of flexibility, and their efficiency is compromised by unregular shapes and part tangling. Accurate tests show that FlexiBowl (a Flexible feeding system) can grant the highest productivity.

FlexiBowl®: flexible feeder Systems for Cosmetics Industry

FlexiTrack is an innovative feature of FlexiBowl® that increases the flexibility, modularity, and productivity of the system up to 100%.

The innovative answer to the 4.0 current ding requirements for the cosmetic industry.
FlexiBowl® is a flexible feeding device that can be easily integrated with every robot and vision system.
Entire families of parts within 1-250 mm and 1-250 g can be handled by a single FlexiBowl® replacing a whole set of dedicated vibratory bowl feeders.
Its lack of dedicated tooling and its easy-to-use and intuitive programming software allows quick product changeovers inside the same work shift.
New parts teaching and production changeovers can be made in a matter of minutes.
FlexiBowl® is the ideal feeding solution for Cosmetic and Personal Care components, and it is suitable for any application requiring multiple parts handling and frequent changeovers.
Cosmetic high-quality standards can be difficult to meet for traditional bowl feeders.
Moreover, nowadays low volumes and frequent product changeovers call for flexibility.
FlexiBowl® is suitable to feed parts gently and smoothly avoiding quality defects.


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