The innovative answer to the 4.0 current feeding requirements for accurate industrial robotics for automation of precision manufacturing processes.

FlexiBowl® is a flexible feeding device that can be easily integrated with every robot and vision system.

In this video we show you parts feeding for Long Hex Nuts.

Entire families of parts within 1-250 mm and 1-250 g can be handled by a single FlexiBowl® replacing a whole set of dedicated vibratory bowl feeders.

Its lack of dedicated tooling and its easy to use and intuitive programming software allows quick product changeovers inside the same work shift.

New parts teaching and production changeovers can be made in a matter of minutes.

FlexiBowl® is the ideal feeding solution for Automotive, Cosmetic, Electronic, Medical, Toys & Gadgets, Electrical Components too; and it is suitable for any application requiring multiple parts handling and frequent changeovers.
FlexiBowl® is suitable to smoothly handle tiny parts and its wide open feeding area is free from mechanical tooling that prevents parts from getting stuck.
A simple mechanical construction makes the system very reliable and efficient. The infrared backlight allows to locate tiny parts accurately. Anti-static belts are equipped with an electrically conductive static inhibitor that is abrasion-protected and embedded in the belt. It effectively prevents static build-up from the running belt.
Moreover FlexiBowl® is widely used to feed switches, connectors, fuse blocks, electromagnetic components, pins, coils, etc.

FlexiTrack is an innovative feature that increases the flexibility, modularity and productivity of the system up to 100%.

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