Case Study: a feeding solution for a lip gloss filling machine

This case study presents an automated lip gloss bottle filling system that achieves a high production rate of up to 90 products per minute. The system consists of a bulk hopper that feeds into two Flexibowls®, which are used to feed a single robot for product orientation and placement. The main challenge in this system was the recognition of a transparent product. However, with the use of FlexiBowl® combined with the Fanuc IRVision system, the orientation of the bottles was done precisely and accurately. The vision system is designed to recognize the shape and size of the bottles and ensure accurate placement in the production line.

About the industry
In the cosmetics industry, high-speed and accurate filling of products is essential to meet consumer demand and improve production efficiency. This case study presents a high-performing production line for filling lip gloss bottles. The system is designed to handle transparent products and can be easily adapted to feed different products of similar sizes.

System Description
The system begins with bottles being carried along to a bulk hopper, which feeds into two Flexibowls. The Flexibowls® are used to feed a single robot for product orientation and placement. The first Flexibowl acts as the master, providing the largest quantity of product, while the second Flexibowl acts as a backup when the main one performs a rotation movement. The orientation of the bottles is done precisely and accurately by the robot.

This system is exceptionally versatile and can be easily adapted to feed almost any product of a similar size to the bottles shown in the video. Furthermore, with the use of Flexibowl, different products can be fed regardless of the type of material and surface treatment, such as glossy or metal surfaces. The system can be used to feed brushes, pens, cups, tubes, applicators, makeup sponges, and many other products.

FANUC M-2iA/3SL picks and places the bottles horizontally
FANUC LR Mate 200iD rotates the bottles vertically