FlexiBowl® Presentation: RobotWorld

FlexiBowl® in the Asian Market   Ars and AIM will present FlexiBowl® to the Asian market at RobotWorld trade show – Seoul (Korea)   AIM is the leading company for FlexiBowl® distribution in Korea.   Designed for flexible feeding of cosmetic components, the application shown at RobotWorld is highly innovative as it combines flexibility and efficiency: […]

flexible feeder and fanuc

FlexiBowl® and Fanuc Delta robots

Highly performant flexible feeding, Compact Solution     The first video shows the system feeding cosmetic caps with an average cycle time of 70ppm. The video below shows Fanuc Delta handling mascara brushes with an average cycle time of 55ppm. Mascara brushes tend to tangle together and they are separated by FlexiBowl® shaking movements.   A […]

flexibowl vision system

FlexiVision: Vision system to integrate every robot

FlexiVision is a PC based vision software package that can be optionally supplied with FlexiBowl systems.   FlexiVision is compatible with a large variety of industrial robots and the main purpose is to allow the deployment of flexible feeding cells in a very simple and straithforward way. The main tasks offered by the system include:  Dynamic control […]