Discover FlexiBowl®- The Flexible Feeding System - in 3D motion graphics

Introducing FlexiBowl: Your Innovative Flexible Feeding System

Transitioning from simple mechanics to exceptional automation can lead to substantial production increases. It allows for greater speed and flexibility, but where should you start? The answer is FlexiBowl®.
It is an innovative feeder system that utilizes a servomotor-powered rotating plate and a pulse generator to accurately orient and separate parts. Its compatibility with any shape, surface, and material makes it a versatile solution for various production requirements.

Tailored for Rapid, Precise Production

The secret behind FlexiBowl's success lies in its precision and high-speed technology, honed through years of experience. It meticulously feeds components into production systems, ensuring no damage. Only a fraction of its many features include adaptability and swift integration with existing technology.

The system offers three modes of operation - standard, continuous (FlexiTrack), and multi-feed. The standard mode involves a sequence where the buffer supplies components to the spinning disk, arranging them to the required picking position. This mode is particularly suited for achieving exceptional picking precision.

Adaptability and Worldwide Delivery

Moreover, FlexiBowl is known for its global reach and quick delivery. Uniquely flexible, it seamlessly integrates into various production chains, catering to a myriad of industries worldwide.

FlexiBowl®: The Flexible Feeding System

Compatibility and User-Friendly Experience

What's more, FlexiBowl plays well with others. It's compatible with all robot brands. Free plugins facilitate its communication with almost all industrial robots, cobots, and PLCs. It offers five customizable models, making the selection process worry-free thanks to an accurate feasibility test.

Efficiency in Handling Diverse Components

Another striking feature is its capacity to process large amounts of components. It adeptly handles different shapes and sizes with unmatched precision.

Interactive and Safe Operation

Lastly, FlexiBowl is user-friendly. Its intuitive software is easy to program, granting the operator significant autonomy. Users can interact safely with the system, enhancing overall productivity.

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