FlexiBowl® is the perfect parts feeding system to handle swabs in the fight against the pandemic

ARS Automation's patented FlexiBowl® technology has emerged as a critical parts feeding system to handle swabs and rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) in the U.S. supply chain. Distinguished U.S. companies, recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services, are planning to deploy FlexiBowl® in their operations. This technology will be integral in manufacturing an impressive 665 million swabs and RDTs over the next 12 months. FlexiBowl® shines as a vital parts feeding system, demonstrating unparalleled productivity in the Life Sciences field.

Experience and Unmatched Flexibility of ARS's Parts Feeding System

ARS Automation, a key player in global factory automation processes, has more than 30 years of experience. Manufacturers worldwide have utilized ARS solutions, including our parts feeding system to handle swabs, to produce a vast array of Medical and Life Sciences products. In fact, just last year, ARS supervised the feeding processes for over 2 billion medical devices.

ARS's robotics, versatile across various industries, can integrate seamlessly with different processes and machines. With its base in Tuscany, Italy, ARS Automation is proud of its agility to deliver large quantities within short turnaround times, demonstrating the strength of its parts feeding systems.

According to Stefano Martini, ARS Sales Manager, "In the medical field, it is essential to have a partner with extensive experience in product feeding systems. ARS's expertise in developing systems like the one handling swabs ensures seamless operations, maintaining high levels of efficiency and safety."

Team at ARS working on the parts feeding system to handle swabs

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