The leading companies in the field of medical equipment assembly are creating solutions with an unprecedented ability to simultaneously realize multiple types of products, making possible the flexibility of small batches without compromising productivity.  

It’s a new generation of robots and flexible feeding systems of medical components for cleanroom assembly, characterized by a high efficiency in automating production variations. 

Feeding systems for flexible industrial production applied in cleanroom can generate new solutions for challenges that are difficult if not impossible to solve with a traditional approach.   

In the case of facilities located in cleanrooms, this type of solutions are able to generate savings and greater efficiency of the plants, as well as the opportunity to adapt the production to requirements without having to modify the systems. 


New Flexibowl® Compatible

Production of small batches with the same efficiency as large ones 

Flexible solutions for feeding medical components and robotic automation in cleanroom allow to produce small batches of kits for medical procedures and devices with the same level of efficiency as large-scale productions. 

Separate material flows can be sorted to have the maximum production speed of small batches, for example, of: medical devices or kits and customized packages, syringes with and without needle, autoinjectors, flexible dispensers, disposable therapies.  

This reduces operating costs and reliance on manual intervention. 

Transitions and reprogramming of the feeding system with limited personnel intervention are made possible by the FlexiBowl solution that adapts, through vision systems, to all components with sizes from 1 mm to 250 mm and with a weight between 1 g and 250 g. The configuration of new products or packages takes place with interventions limited to production; thanks to the possibility of programming different recipes, allows a maximum load of 7 kg associated with hoppers from 1.5 l up to 40 l.  

The solution designed and certified to feed flexible production systems with FlexiBowl is certified for cleanrooms up to ISO 5, corresponding to Class 100 of the FED-STD-209E according to standard EN ISO 14644-1.