Vibratory bowl systems

 is the new feeding device able to work with the most range of special bulks and capable of adapting to any industrial robot or vision system. FlexiBowl® is actually a product which improve the performance of a traditional  vibratory bowl system:  it is able to feed and handle a widest variety of loose parts without the risk of failure even with burrs and size variations of components.


Unlike traditional vibratory bowl systems, FlexiBowl® can either handle fragile objects, as well as rubber and silicon components, part with cylindrical geometry and more objects.

 Ars Automation provided with FlexiBowl® a new parts feeding equipment and a new method to feed and handle components reducing costs.

Part feeding systems usually consist of the all necessary to orient, feed and locate a product: they include including a vibratory feeder, hopper,  sensors, a feeder stand, a robot and a vision system.

FlexiBowl®  doesn’t work with vibration but easily: components released from the hopper fall on its surface  and are separated by a bidirectional rotation movement  and the pulse generation system. The shaking movements replace the vibratory bowl system, ensuring a low cost automatic part feeding and no failures even with burrs and variations of components.

Indeed, traditional vibratory bowl system, include a vibratory feeder which means a vibratory drive unit, vibratory bowl  (the bowl that orients and feeds the parts) controller and inline feeder, while FlexiBowl® include a rotating disk, directly actuated by a servomotor, and an impulse generator.